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Cold..Warm..Hot Shearing

Our experience with the design and production of steel billets or slugs is significant. The material sheared includes mild to medium carbon steels to highly alloyed stainless steels in coil or bar form with the largest diameter being 2.95" [75 mm].

We have worked with many high-speed shears from the shearing station on multi-station headers to the stand-alone single shear press with it's dedicated shearing process; high-speed and automated. Regardless of which machine the principles of shearing are similar; while special arrangements are required for special operations.

The quality of a cut-off, slug or billet is critical to the quality and or formability for a forged product in downstream processes. We have solved numerous problems including: distortion, shear lips, shavings, out of square, and wavy end. We have also worked to improve the cutter tool life and billet repeatability or weight distribution.

One of the best shearing machine manufacturers we've experienced is Manyo Co. Ltd from Osaka Japan. Their machines have impressive production capacities and quality. The LBS 300 and LBS 450 shear machines (lever press) exhibit high precision, automation, quick change over tooling, and speed. Manyo is a fantastic machine system that performs very difficult tasks well.

Our Manyo experience includes working with two Manyo DLB 100 shear presses. Those machines ran continuously for over a decade without any trouble. After a full evaluation we found that a few semi-perishable tools needed changed or reworked. The machine base and non-perishable tooling was unaltered and needed no attention of any kind. The semi-perishable tools were replaced as the machine design allowed and production continued.

As the production team surpassed the machine learning curve the weakest point of the shear system became the shear blades. Manyo has developed a detailed system for bar shearing, but there was still room for improvement in the shear blades. We worked in design changes to production tooling that resulted in a complete specification for all the individual shearing requirements of different bars. We increased: capacity, up-time, quality, and through-put.

There are other shear manufactures like Ficep, Erie Press, Fenn Power, Gami, Bemcor, and Schubert Maschinen with which we have direct experience or have researched in the process of machinery recommendation for purchasing.